The (naked) STEAM Kit

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The Zometool is at the foundation of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math.

  • Would you like to build every model featured in our project and system kits?
  • Want unlimited options for open-ended building? teaching? learning?
  • Need enough parts for a group of 4-8 kids working together? (So who are we kidding? You can never have enough parts1)

Connect the dots!

We took the best features of our Advanced Math, STEM and Classroom Kits and condensed them into this compact and powerful kit.

You can build all of the models featured in our Project Kits, including the complete Hyperdo*. DOWNLOAD all INSTRUCTIONS here. 

This STEAM kit is NAKED! To include the plastic case click here.

We have included every single type of part we make in this kit. This means that in addition to our standard Blue, Yellow and Red struts, you will also get Green-lines, Half-Greens and Hypershort reds.

We also put in 330 White balls PLUS 100 Black balls, also grey, blue, yellow, orange, and red balls, which make your models look wicked cool and will come in handy for teaching / learning.

 * You can build the outer shell of the Hyperdo and the interior of it. All at the same time.

Struts 1,449
Nodes 487
Total Parts 1,936
The STEAM kit contains:
Instructions Download
Recommended ages 7+
Parts included 1,909
Dimensions 14" x 10" x 6"
Weight 5 lbs
UPC  709743277778
Our best kit. Ever.