Geometry of Bubbles —Lesson Module

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Pattern Sleuths: Exploring the Geometry of Soap Films & Bubbles

In this investigation, students will hone their skills as pattern-seekers in exploring the geometrical properties of  bounded and non-bounded soap films and bubbles. 

They will have the opportunity to create beautiful minimal surface structures, to think like a famous physicist, and to make connections between the patterns of soap bubbles and the patterns of myriad structures in nature.

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Primary Content Knowledge/Ideas

Focal Practices


  • Identification of 2D and 3D shapes; Polyhedra characteristics (vertex, edge, face); Surface area


  • Soap films and bubbles will change shape until reaching a local minimal energy, which is proportional to its minimal, or smallest surface area.


  • Geometric properties of free-floating bubbles in stable equilibrium: the sphere.


  • Patterns of line and angle relationships in soap films constrained by a closed boundary (Zometool polyhedron frames): Plateau’s Problem



  • Students will learn to seek, identify, and represent patterns to better understand and make predictions about the structures around us.


Grade Levels 6-8
Recommended ages 11-14
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Pages 27
Did you know that soap bubbles reflect some of nature’s great optimization principles?