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Parts Chart



**Important note on strut names and lengths**

The original Zometool system used to include longer (size 3) struts.

These were discontinued several years ago when the whole strut collection was "downsized" —size 0 struts were introduced and size 3 struts were discontinued.

At the time, the naming convention was to call the original strut lengths "short, medium and long" and the new shorter struts were called "super-short". This worked for a while but as the years went on more and more people —who had never seen the "old" strut lengths— were confused by this nomenclature —the "old-medium" struts were naturally called "long" by them, the "old shorts" were "medium", etc…

After a few years in nomenclature-limbo we decided to change the names for good and to engrave the struts with their length number. All of our new struts have a tiny number enclosed in  a circle near each tip. This number represents that strut's length (0,1,2)

If you are buying bulk parts, please consult the Parts Chart (above) to make sure that you are ordering the lengths that you need.

The molds used to manufacture the old "long" (length 3) struts were permanently damaged during the 2013 flood so their retirement is, unfortunately, final.