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Learning through discovery.

We've all had to experience rote learning. But few of us had the chance as children to discover the phenomena which give rise to fundamental concepts in art, chemistry, physics, architecture, math, engineering and many other disciplines. Concepts such as proportion, fractals, symmetry, chirality, minimal surfaces, polyhedra, stellations, tessellations, trusses, lattices and space frames.

 It's not just that they can learn the concept. They can explore the concepts in such a way that they gain a sense of ownership over their understanding.

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Learning happens because students enjoy creating unique figures and in the process, ask insightful questions. Using questions, the educator can promote solution justification, strategy formation, pattern recognition, conjecture formation and perseverance
—JOSH FAGIN, Middle School Math Teacher, USA 
The Zometool system promotes personal expoloration and mathematical curiosities to them at an age where many are attempting to disengage intellectually.
I had a student who studied hard to figure which regular polygons he could make with Zome. Next day he came back to school with an elaborate description of what could and could not be made, based on the angles and available pieces. It was incredible!
BRANDAN ROGERS, 5th Grade Teacher, USA
I use Zome to encourage my students to think creatively and apply problem solving strategies within a cooperative social context. With Zome, my students are supportive of each other and engage in lively discussion related to the constructions themselves.


It's great for homeschoolers too.

I'm a homeschool mother of three, and our kids are just eating this up!
Thank you for making such a fine product!
— Gwyneth K. from Three Rivers, MI
My kids love their Zometools! My 6 year old will go through the little booklet and try to make the different shapes. My 4 year old uses them to make monsters, robots, houses for his cars, and whatever his imagination is up to that day. The Zometools get used every single day!
—Renee, USA
My 7yo son is absorbed with Zome, and has filled a room full of "structures" he has created. He is an energetic child, and yet he will be quietly focused on the building of new ideas for an hour or more at a time. He is just at the point of having to disassemble or redesign in order to have the pieces he needs for his creations. We highly recommend it for any family that loves to build.
—Christa, Co-op Member